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Local hearing healthcare provider selected and certified to participate in new Flex:trialaTM program

Murfreesboro, TN — September, 2013 — Dr. Shawn Lancaster of Hearing Aid and Audiology Services has been selected and certified to participate in the Flex:trial program, an initiative launched by hearing aid manufacturer Unitron.  “We’re pleased and honored to be one of relatively few hearing healthcare providers from across the country that will be participating in the Flex:trial program,” said owner Dr. Lancaster. “More importantly, we see this as a tremendous benefit to hearing-impaired individuals in our community.”

     Flex:trial gives consumers the opportunity to try new hearing aids in their everyday life without any upfront cost or commitment. At the end of the trial period, participants may choose to purchase hearing aids, or they may return the Flex:trial hearing aids without any cost or further obligation.

     “Flex:trial differs from other hearing aid trial programs, which require consumers to pay for hearing aids before the trial begins and then pursue a refund if they’re not satisfied,” explained Dr. Lancaster. “Essentially, we’re allowing patients to experience the hearing aids at home and in other familiar environments, while removing all upfront costs and risks.”

     Although designed for anyone who has a hearing loss, he believes Flex:trial will particularly appeal to hearing-impaired individuals who have been reluctant to consider hearing aids due to uncertainty about what they are getting for their investment. In addition, this program offers a great option for current hearing aid wearers who may be interested in experiencing the latest technological advances and new features.

     Interested consumers may call Hearing Aid and Audiology Services at 615-893-4618 if they want to know more about the Flex:trial program or are interested in scheduling a Flex:trial consultation.  Hearing Aid and Audiology Services is located at 608 E. Clark Blvd in Murfreesboro.