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Hearing Aids

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Working with Dr. Lancaster and the staff at Hearing Aid and Audiology Services was such a pleasant experience.  He allowed my mother the opportunity to try different hearing aids before making a purchase.  This made her feel confident in her decision and she was very satisfied.


The hearing aids I received from Dr. Lancaster are the best I have ever had.  I hear every word my preacher says in church.  I was able to hear conversation at a family party even in noise.  Before I just sat quietly in the room because I could not hear what people were saying.


I love the wireless accessories I received with my hearing aids.  They allow me to hear my wife in the car without interference from road noise.  I can also hear the TV much better with my hearing aids with the help of the TV device.


Buying quality hearing aids is a major investment about which I had pondered for months.  When I finally went to Dr. Lancaster, I was so pleased that he had the Flex:trial program available.  I was able to wear the hearing aids for a week before I had to make up my mind, even better than test driving a car!  And I am pleased that I did.  Now I have instruments that are enabling me to hear things I had been missing for years.

~Ellie Vermillion~

Many of us who use a hearing aid are always thinking about something newer and better.  With the lightning speed of advances in technology, hearing devices surely are a prime product for incredible improvement. New refinements could make solutions for hearing loss something no less than amazing.

Recently when I received a letter from Dr. Shawn Lancaster and Hearing Aid & Audiology Services not only about a new product but a Flex:trial offer to take and wear this new hearing aid for a week at no cost.  I said to myself... “Oh sure”.  However, since I needed to have a repair on the ones I was currently using, I decided to check it out! As the old saying goes...“the rest is history.”

I was totally surprised at the quality of sound, the crispness of my own speech and on top of that I could wear them for a week at no cost or commitment.  This was so much more than I thought possible.  I knew when I left the office that these new hearing aids were going to be mine.  Impulse shopper or not, the opportunity to actually use a product before you even commit to purchase is new and wonderful.  Since each hearing issue is unique and hearing devices are not cheap, being able to really check it out is a powerful concept.   Amid the high tech and ever fluid world of business, this Flex:trial offer is about the purchaser having the option to take some time and make a decision based on real value and satisfactory results.

Thanks, Shawn, I love my new Unitron hearing aids and sincerely appreciate the Flex:trial offer to wear them before purchasing.

~Becci Bookner~